Restaurant Tips from Mister Paradise

If you’re looking for restaurants in Curacao there is going to be plenty of choice. There’re places like Chill Bar & Grill for some nice BBQ stewers, restaurant BijBlauw for some culinary dishes with ocean view, Avila Beach Hotel for a luxury dinner, The Gouverneur for dining in style, Blessing supplies you with some holy dishes and Zest for some Mediterranean food with a Caribbean touch. All these restaurants are easy to find in one of your travel magazines or on the internet. Hereby some special tips from Mister Paradise! These restaurants are a little harder to find on the internet but definitely worth the try.

Pop's Place

At the Caracas bay there is a small local restaurant with a amazing view looking onto the bay. Here you can try different local dishes for a local price. You can also just enjoy the view while drinking a beverage. Try the local Stoba from beef of goat or a freshly caught red snapper. 

Sea Side Terrace

At Marie Pampoen alongside the south coast on the right side of the Sunscape
Hotel you’ll find a Local fish restaurant called Sea Side Terrace. Rather you like to try some local fish or just enjoy the view, this is where you should go. The location is very central so you’ll probably pass this place a lot of times. This place is also a famous dive spot so during the day there will be a lot of divers, snorkelers and swimmers as well. It’s a very basic restaurant but definitely worth the try if you like fish.

Boka 19

On the beautiful estate and golf resort of Santa Barbara you’ll find a restaurant called Boca 19, next to the water. It has a amazing view on a bunch of luxury yachts laying in a small docking area. A nice place to go to in the afternoon for some snacks or lunch and during the evening it’s a nice place to have a romantic dinner. Try the delicious tuna steak or if the don’t like fish the chicken fajita’s are also amazing. The people who work there are very friendly and after you can go for a walk on the white sanded beach. On Sundays there are a lot of boats docked at the peer with music and BBQ which is also very nice.

Sol Food

All the way in the west of Curacao you’ll find Sol Food. This nice little terrace with ocean view will definitely make you feel you are in paradise. This restaurant is only open on Friday, Saturday an Sunday for lunch and dinner. The friendly owners Sunshine and David Livingstone serve some of the best pizza’s on the island and a hole lot of other stuff. They don’t fry anything some no fries or anything. After eating at Sol Food, Sunshine would love to give you lots of tips and information about Curacao.

De Visserij

There’s a new place in town! Especially if you like to eat some freshly caught fish… At this restaurant in Piscadera they support the local fishery and serve you with the freshest tuna, red snapper, purunchi and other local fish. The concept is very simple and prices are sweet. You order your selection of fish, choose from the ones that are written down on the chalkboard (if its sold out they’ll let you know) get a number, order your drink at the next window, be seated and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of this easy going place. Make sure you’ve chatted all you wanted with your friends or family before you get your fish because I am sure the taste will make you go quiet for a little bit ;). Open only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 – 21.00u.

Landhuis Klein Santa Martha

Just outside of Soto in the Bandabou area (westside of Curacao) there lays a Land house called Klein Santa Martha. This renovated land house is now a boutique hotel but you can also go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner with view over the Santa Martha bay.