What do I do if I have car trouble?

In case of a breakdown, call us on +5999 5158004. If nobody is available, call our mechanic Errol Pieters (24/7 hours) on +5999 5218517.

What do I do when involved in a car accident?

Call the general emergency number 911. Do not move the vehicle, call the Road Service Curacao at 199. Never move the vehicle but leave the situation as it is until CRS is on site to assess the situation. Then call Mister Paradise on +5999 5158004. If no reply +5999 6703989.

What do I do in case of car theft?

Call Mister Paradise immediately on +5999  5158004. If no reply +5999 6703989.

What traffic rules apply on Curacao?

  • On Curacao you drive on the right side of the road.
  • Other drivers are obliged to yield to straight through traffic. Among equivalent crossroads traffic from the right has the right of way unless otherwise indicated
  • Maximum speed in residential areas is 45 km/h. Outside the residential areas the maximum speed is 60-80 km/h, unless stated otherwise!
  • On roads with two lanes, you may overtake other drivers on the left and right.
  • When roads are wet (rain) roads become very slippery prolonging the braking distance, moderate your speed.
  • Each roundabout has its own rules, which usually are not marked. On one roundabout, traffic from the right has the right of way, on the other the traffic on the roundabout itself has the right of way.
  • Keeping distance is the golden rule. Other drivers will sometimes suddenly brake or won’t indicate direction. And if they do, don’t be sure that they actually turn.
  • Seat belts are obligatory